Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My 1st Blog Post Ever....And Definetly Not My Last!!

Eeeekkkk!! I can't believe I am doing this! Here we go....
A little about me first I guess: I live in a small Ontario town in a comfy little house with my boyfriend of just over three years, Scott and our baby, our cat Clay Bear. 

Our Clay Bear - He is soooo much bigger now!

Scotty and I - photo props to www.jadphotography.me

Scott is the love of my life and is my inspiration to try some new things, which is why I recently started baking(after he bought my a KitchenAid stand mixer for Xmas!!), exercising and now blogging!! When I finished school and entered the working world, I am a bookkeeper at a not-for-profit currently, I was kind of in a rut as school had usually taken up my every waking moment. I didn't know what to do with myself. I have tried a few things: hot yoga, volleyball, etc; but i still felt like my life had little purpose. I tried to turn over a new leaf in September when I got a new job and I have really enjoyed trying some new things and just enjoying the new experiances as I go rather than thinking that every experiance has to have meaning....sometimes they can just be fun!! So this is a chronicle of my journey to find purpose, and the occasionaly meaningless fun....Enjoy!!  

XO Emma B

P.S. - My sister started calling me Bean when I was a kid, don't ask me why?! But it stuck and now Scott even uses it! I used to hate it, but have come to rather enjoy it and the love that usually comes with the term :)


  1. Heey Emma,

    I'm not sure how I stumbled on your blog site, haha, but It is very interesting to read. Your blogs are cute, and I would love to start blogging, but I have NO clue how to. Any tips?

  2. Sign up for a blog site on blogger and start writing! Pretty simple actually, but I am really enjoying it! I want to make it prettier(more pretty?) but that means I have to pay a site and I don't know if I am ready for that yet :S Sign up and start blogging though! :)