Friday, February 24, 2012

A Trip of Many Firsts

My sister, Melissa, and Scott and I headed south to see my parent's in Florida last week. 2 days in we boarded a cruise out of Miami for 5 days that took us to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico.

It was a trip of many firsts for Scott and I. Here are just a few...

First...Valentine's Day at sea! (with my parents :s)
First...Birthday when I couldn't eat my cake :(
First...Snorkelling expedition for Scotty (he giggled like a little kid about it!)
First...Time in Mexico for my peach and first time I have seen someone balance 3 margaritas on their head in any country!! together
First...meeting Scott had with someone who talked more than him ;) Thanks Anderson!
First...greeting card I have ever received from Scott! Only took 3 years and multiple occasions. As well as First Spanish birthday card!

We really enjoyed our time down there and we had a blast. And we would like to thank the gods for not letting this happen to us...

Here are just a few more shots of our mid-winter getaway! Miss you already Mom and Dad xoxo!!

Already counting down to summer now that I am back in the cold, brrrrrr.

My Daddy sure does love his gelato! This time in Key West :)

Scotty trying to hide his racoon eyes ;)
I was sicker than I have been in awhile but I loved spending my 24th Birthday with the whole family!

 Until next time,
 Emma B

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