Monday, March 5, 2012

3,4 & 5 - Photo a Day

Sorry for taking so long for this post but this easy weekend at home turned out to be a busy weekend at the cottage when Scott bought a snowmobile from his mechanically-inclined friend James!

So right into it then:

Day 3 - My Neighborhood

Decided to take a literal approach to this one...

We bought in this neighbourhood 2 years ago and we have never regretted it...not even for a second. It is such a quiet, calm and cute place to live!

Day 4 - Bedside

I wanted to take a picture of my sleeping bf who I am so grateful to have beside me every night(unless he has eaten cheese) but alas he wouldn't go for it :( So here is my second choice:

The cat treats are to get my cat to cuddle with me at night...the NyQuil is for the mean cold that followed me home from Florida...The elephants are for my personal satisfaction...the "unshaded" lamp is due to above-mentioned cat who pulled the cord off the table along with his tail :s

Day 5 - Smile words required!

On another note, it was Scottie's birthday dinner with me tonight and I gave him his present!! A "partial" year of dates was awaiting him..

Yeah!!! I will post as we go...stay tuned!

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