Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Sorry I have been MIA this week but between work, side jobs and being addicted to a certain Canadian-made CBC horse show which shall not be named out of embarrassment I have had not a second to come up with any meaningful blog posts.

Alas I came up with one and since it proves rather difficult to sleep when your whole house is shaking with thunder and hail, here it is!

As an ode to the recently appearing signs of spring, Scott and I decided to barbeque tonight for dinner when my sister was coming over. So after a trip to get BOTH of our propane tanks filled we were cooking with cheese!! Our favorite accompaniment to BBQ chicken is my famous pasta salad. Many people have asked for this recipe and I never share it because well.....i like to keep it a secret how frigging easy it is!!! Now my secret will be out :(

So to start, boil a pot of pasta. I like to use bowties or fusilli but it's up to you!

Next, get out the rest of your ingredients.

We've got some bacon bits, Greek feta dressing, mayo or whipped dressing, diced peppers, feta cheese and this time Scotty wanted mushrooms so I threw a few of those in too! Add all ingredients to the drained pasta and toss!! Easy peeeeeesy! I usually use about 2 parts mayo to 1 part dressing to make it more creamy than oily.

I'm sure this one will get pulled out for many a summer BBQ and I can't wait! While we are on the topic of summer BBQ's I have to share with you a brilliant pin that I found on my friend Jenn's wall today!!!

Remember those mason jars I used for cheesecake a few weeks ago, while this summer they will become my reusable byob best friends. No more mixing out of a cooler or Smirnoffs in a can! Now I can premake whatever I want to drink that night and just unscrew a lid at the BBQ! Genius!

What would you make in them?

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