Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Haze

Sorry about being MIA for soooo long, my life is getting in the way!! There has been the purchase of a new vehicle, the search for a new camper(which may end tonight, cross your fingers!!!), year end @ work, a first communion, a few days of the spring cold, a backyard makeover(which I still will post before pictures of sometime soon! promise!), etc. etc.!!!

So I am in a conundrum and need your HELP!

I am attending a Barbie themed bachelorette party this Saturday for my good friend Jenn Austin-Driver and I have no idea what to wear! My goal was to only buy something if I thought I would wear it again. I went to the mall last night and was reminded why I need to keep going to bootcamp when nothing fit me at the majority of the stores :( I ended up at Old Navy and bought a pair of pink skinny what?

Here is what I was thinking:

Untitled #1

Pink Skinnies, White Tee, Cropped Jean Jacket, Black Wedges, Silk Neck Scarf and BIG Pink Sunglasses

I have the wedges, pants, scarf and tee so all else I would need to purchase is the sunglasses and jean jacket(had one but lost it in the lipstick murder of 2012 :(, such a shame!).

Let me know what you guys think, is it barbie-ish enough??
PS May attempt this Smores Cupcake recipe tonight! :) Will post my efforts should it happen!

Happy HUMP Day!

Emma B 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beachy Waves!? Part 2

Good Morning! It's Friday people!!

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday but by the time I got home from work around 9 I was falling asleep in my dinner and well you know those horsies on TV were calling to me! ;)

So better late than never, here we go! (if you have no idea what I'm talking about check out Part 1 HERE.)

Ok more thing! Sorry! Mornings aren't my best time of day so don't mind the grumpy looks I couldn't force myself to smile at 6:30!

First things first, I donned my favorite shower cap that Scottie bought me for Christmas to protect my braids in the shower. Then I got dressed so you all didn't have to see me naked (you can all thank me later :) ) and unbraided my hair.

For Part 2 you will need the following:

Your triple barrel curler and hairspray. This Tresemme is my fav and actually keeps my hair somewhat frozen in place, which is big for this head of uncurl able haiR! If you are wondering what is under my curler that is one of my Xmas gifts from Scott's mommy! It's a silicone rolling pin cover but as she explained to me when I opened it and tried to hide my confusion as to why I did not get a rolling pin too, it is great to keep your straightener and such from burning surfaces and it also helps you throw that hot straightener in your luggage right after you use it once you put the straightener inside it (instead of the rolling pin lol). Get one, works like a dream!

So once my "style pro" heated up I separated my hair into 2 sections and "crimped" the tops and bottoms of each section of hair. Just work your way around your head, only took me max 10 mins. Then I did a little teasing, which I also learned off of a YouTube vid but do you think I can find it now, NO!

And voila...

So when all is said and done, I liked the simplicity of the method but it just didn't do as much curling in my hair as scrunching I guess. Here a few things I would do next time to make it look even better:

- braid my hair in smaller pieces
- put some mousse in it before braiding
- make sure it is completely dry before you take it out in the morning

Overall I give this styles a: 2/5!

Could really get the same curl just by going to bed with my hair wet really!

But nevertheless I will try it again and see if I can make it work for my hair a bit better. If you have very thin hair this should work magic for you!

GottA go to work now, have a good weekend!

Emma B

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beach Waves?! Part 1

So this morning I was looking for a hair tutorial on YouTube (which I do a lot, shhh!) that would make my already somewhat curly hair into something cute. I did not really find what I was looking for but I did find THIS ViDEO by Kandee Johnson and I had to try it out!! It looked soooo easy! So I trekked to Walmart after bootcamp tonight and found myself way toooooo many goodies!! Including my new triple barrel curling iron which I will introduce to you below ;)

I thought I would take photographic evidence of my attempt at this hairstyle to show you all how it does or does not work!

Let's start with a before shot:

Here is what I used for Part 1:

A spray bottle with water, a brush, 4 small elastics and my Kids detangler that smells like green apples!

Now to introduce you to my new toy!! It's the Style Pro Speed Waver...

I liked the look of this one because the barrels were very large and I thought that might make my hair look less crimped and more curled?! I have no idea if that is logical or not but it sounded good in my head!

So to start I sprayed my hair with the water and detangler and brushed it out:

Then I separated my hair into 4 parts, braided them and realized how thick my hair really is! When Kandee does it in the video, her 2 braids are so small!! My 4 braids are still almost too thick :(

I pinned the braids on top of my head to look super cool but also so I don't chew them in my sleep!

That's it! 5 minute process and now I'm off to bed...see you in the morning for Part 2!

Emma B