Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beach Waves?! Part 1

So this morning I was looking for a hair tutorial on YouTube (which I do a lot, shhh!) that would make my already somewhat curly hair into something cute. I did not really find what I was looking for but I did find THIS ViDEO by Kandee Johnson and I had to try it out!! It looked soooo easy! So I trekked to Walmart after bootcamp tonight and found myself way toooooo many goodies!! Including my new triple barrel curling iron which I will introduce to you below ;)

I thought I would take photographic evidence of my attempt at this hairstyle to show you all how it does or does not work!

Let's start with a before shot:

Here is what I used for Part 1:

A spray bottle with water, a brush, 4 small elastics and my Kids detangler that smells like green apples!

Now to introduce you to my new toy!! It's the Style Pro Speed Waver...

I liked the look of this one because the barrels were very large and I thought that might make my hair look less crimped and more curled?! I have no idea if that is logical or not but it sounded good in my head!

So to start I sprayed my hair with the water and detangler and brushed it out:

Then I separated my hair into 4 parts, braided them and realized how thick my hair really is! When Kandee does it in the video, her 2 braids are so small!! My 4 braids are still almost too thick :(

I pinned the braids on top of my head to look super cool but also so I don't chew them in my sleep!

That's it! 5 minute process and now I'm off to bed...see you in the morning for Part 2!

Emma B

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