Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pink Haze

Sorry about being MIA for soooo long, my life is getting in the way!! There has been the purchase of a new vehicle, the search for a new camper(which may end tonight, cross your fingers!!!), year end @ work, a first communion, a few days of the spring cold, a backyard makeover(which I still will post before pictures of sometime soon! promise!), etc. etc.!!!

So I am in a conundrum and need your HELP!

I am attending a Barbie themed bachelorette party this Saturday for my good friend Jenn Austin-Driver and I have no idea what to wear! My goal was to only buy something if I thought I would wear it again. I went to the mall last night and was reminded why I need to keep going to bootcamp when nothing fit me at the majority of the stores :( I ended up at Old Navy and bought a pair of pink skinny what?

Here is what I was thinking:

Untitled #1

Pink Skinnies, White Tee, Cropped Jean Jacket, Black Wedges, Silk Neck Scarf and BIG Pink Sunglasses

I have the wedges, pants, scarf and tee so all else I would need to purchase is the sunglasses and jean jacket(had one but lost it in the lipstick murder of 2012 :(, such a shame!).

Let me know what you guys think, is it barbie-ish enough??
PS May attempt this Smores Cupcake recipe tonight! :) Will post my efforts should it happen!

Happy HUMP Day!

Emma B 

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