Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hairy Days

Hello all! I know I know it's been almost a month since my last post but guess what?! I will not apologize for that because guess what....IT'S SUMMER! The weather has been insane and I could not sit still! We have been camping in our new trailer and jeep combo:

It was a lot of fun!

So back to the post....HAIRY DAYS!

As an homage to this lovely weather I wanted to post my three favorite hairstyles with quick how tos to get your hair up and out of your face!

1. The Beach Waves Revisited

For this look I just use my triple barrel curling iron on my whole head, and forget the whole braiding aspect that I used in my first attempt. My favorite part about this style is that you can wear it down the first day and the second day it looks super cute up in a pony with just a few crinkly pieces left hanging out :) Try it out let me know how you use your triple barrel for a fun summer look!

2. The Bow Bun

I have seen this style on everything from Pinterest to YouTube and I had to try it! Turns out it is super easy :)

First pull your hair into a high pony but on your last pull through only go half the way. Make sure the tail you create is at the front of your head. Like this:

Pin down the sides and then separate the bun into two pieces. Pull it around until they are nice and full. Then flip the tail to the back in between the two pieces and pin it down. Voila! A bow!

3. The Sock Bun

You may have heard me mention this style before but honestly it is the most simple, fastest and most complimented hairstyle I do. One sock, a hair elastic and maybe a Bobbie pin or two and you're done. If you haven't tried it out before YoU MuSt! Watch the ok bun YouTube video to see how as it is hard to explain. My tip is to flip your head over to roll the sock up as it makes it easier to keep the ends tucked in! Best part of this style: take it out after work and you have some awesome natural curls to rock that night!

Hope you guys like the looks and give them a try! What is your go to look for summer?

Xoxo Emma B

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  1. im loving them allll! I tried the sock one, but did it a bit different and ive been wearing it everyday because its sooooo easy and looks great!

    1. how did you do it different?! would love to know! any other styles you love to do in the summer jenn?