Friday, June 1, 2012

This Month At A Glance

I am totally in love with Instagram and I thought I would share a quick post of my fav pics this month!! **Not all pics were posted on my Instagram but I really wanted to share them with you guys so I threw them in here!

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1 - Saturday morning sleep in with my boy!
2 - Sunday afternoon book time with my baby! (I swear we get out of bed sometimes!)
3 - Post bootcamp summer salad with the new Avacado Lime PC dressing(my new fav!)
4 - Petey and I at the test n tune! Photo props to Jamo Best :)
5 - The inspiration for my tattoo that I get tomorrow, wish me luck! AHHH!
6 - The 1st shed in my Mad Hatter Theme, still have to finish it but you get the general idea!
7 - Pete and Scott picked these lovely flowers for me :)
8 - We went shopping! Toms for everyone!
9 - Jeep days of summer...
10 - Our tshirts for the test and tune :) Love them...even though I accidentally ironed mine on upside down, whoops!
11- Still my fav pick! And to think someone was throwing this away! DUH!
12 - My summer bucket list! Check it out on Instagram to see it better :)

So there we go, have a great weekend everyone! Don't let this rain slow you down, its still summer after all!!

Emma B


  1. I really love reading your blogs ! Good luck on your tattoo! It doesnt hurt AT ALL! :) xo

    1. thx Terii! ill let you know how it goes!