Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When Inspiration Strikes

When I was 16 my best friend got a tattoo of a heart, and it all started.
For the next 8 years(can you believe I am that old!!) I have obsessed over getting a tattoo. First I wanted an elephant on my hip, but then I decided I wanted babies eventually and I didnt want a weiner elephant to happen so that was OUT! Next it was an elephant on my wrist, then my initials on my wrist, then my initials on my ankle, then my initials on my shoulder. My extreme fear of blood and needles always held me back and I promised myself I wouldn't get a permanent picture plastered on my body until I was 100% sure. About 2 months ago I came across this picture on Pinterest and I fell in love:

Being a Featherstone(last name) I thought this was insanely appropriate and I thought it was beautiful! But I still wanted my initials incorporated somehow to honour my moms side of the family (my great grandmother was Emma Mary Freeman, same initials!). My head battled with my heart for a long time, my fears overriding my desires. And then last week I decided I was ready, my fear turned to excitement and I decided I could handle whatever pain was thrown at me. So I messaged a tattoo artist that had been recommended by a friend and he said he could get me in Saturday. I felt like throwing up but I was overwhelmingly excited too!!! I sent him this picture and told him I wanted cursive initials and he was all ready for me when I got to his studio in Bobcaygeon on Saturday morning :) Here is what he had stenciled:

We decided on placement on my ankle, he asked me 10 times are you sure, I was finally sure! Here is the virgin area pre tattoo, take a good last look!!

He prepared his needles, told me I could watch, I kindly declined and instead turned my green face away from his activities!! I have to say the worst part was the first time he turned the gun on and it made that noise. I could just picture the needles going in and and I was even more green.

But I was doing it so away we went!!

Tyler @ Kings Inc Tattoos was amazing, he talked to me when I needed it, stopped when he sensed my body couldn't take it any longer and not until the very end did he decide to tell me that the number on that screen over there was the amount of times the 5 NEEDLES were going in and out per second!!! Can you guess the number?! It was 100 and freaking 25 in and and out..per second!! I almost fainted but instead I patted myself on the back(mentally of course beacuse my body was so tense!!) and said you can do this! You are doing this! About an hour and a half later of 6 and a few 7 out of 10 pains I was left with this amazing piece of art that I get to show the world for the rest of my life!! 

This is the next day, once I got to take off the seran wrap bandage!!

I am beyond thrilled with the outcome(my mom maybe not so much!) and I cannot stop myself from grinning everytime I look at it!!

If you live in the Peterborough area check Tyler out on Facebook, he is an awesome artist, made me feel super comfortable and has the most happy 6 month old son I have ever met!!

That's it for now!!

Emma B XoXO

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