Friday, July 27, 2012

Snooki Inspiration?!

Hello all! Just wanted to check in today and share 2 things! First I caught up on Snooki and Jwoww the other night online and I have to say I was appalled at how they chose to decorate their apartment!! If you don't tune in for the Jersey Shore girl antics they hired a man to staple fabric to their walls!! Just wallpaper people!

Anyways, I was getting ready this morning and I have been super bored with my lack luster hair these days. I dyed it Ombre about a month ago, but honestly I don't notice much of a difference :S So I channeled my inner Snooki:

And came up with this look:

What do y'all think?? Boho chic or guidette gaudy?? I need to know! Leave me your thoughts in the comments! P.S. Loving my triple barrel this summer still, easiest hairstyle for the humidity and it lasts a good 2 or 3 days!

I am also loving this new MTV stars hairstyle:

What do you guys think of Maci's new colour? Think I could pull it off?! I think I kinda like it because it reminds me of Archie, is that bad? :)

On another note in this random post I wanted to share the last month or so on Instagram for those of you who don't follow it! For those who would like to its @emmabean47!!

Small explanation for each, for those who care to know!

1 - Scotty and I at wedding 1 of 4 this summer!! We now have 2 down, 2 more to go! Both were outdoor ceremonies where we just baked in the sun but they were amazingly cute and I teared up for both!!
2 - My crazy bruise!!! If any of you saw this thing it was the size of a baseball and super black for quite awhile and all I did was trip and hit my leg on a corner!!! How does that turn into this?
3 - You know how instagram seems to show peoples themes, like there are those people who only take landscape shots or shots of their dog?! I decided I take shots of my feet...what does that mean? Here I just finished a Saturday morning yoga and it was THE BEST way to start my weekend!
4 - This is what happens every morning now while I get ready for own cheering squad!
5 - Ok maybe I'm a cat themed picture taker too...but could you resist this picture?
6 - Week #1 of my 7th installment of bootcamp!! And still loving it, most days!
7 - Brothers....ok I get it!
8 - Centre island with Scott's bro Dirk and his gf Kelsey from out west, gorgeous day and gorgeous views of the city!
9 - End of my last night run...boogied with Scott for the first half and was super proud of myself! B/C if any of you have seen Scott run you would know he is like a freakin' gazelle! He prances!
10 - My fav new tshirt! Finished the books so this is my reminder of such an amazing hot character!
11 - Doodles!
12 - Sunday morning walk with my man and my new Underarmour sneakers which I love!
13 - So Pete called us the other night and asked us to pick him up in Oshawa so we jumped in the Jeep which had no doors and no roof, which was cool cuz it was super sunny. Turns out Oshawa was rainy, so on the roof went but no doors on the way home!!! Kinda funny :)
14 - Ennismore TRUCK PULL!! Enough said...truck pulls are my fav!
15 - Lakers Lacrosse...headed back there tonight for Game 1 of the semi finals! Ajax watch out!
16 - Construction on our street is still in full swing but at least they are done in our driveway...that was a testing day for me and my new vehicle!

Anyways thats all for now, next time I will plan a more cohesive post perhaps with a theme?! Maybe another hair review?! What do you guys like to see?

Let me know and follow the blog so you don't miss anything!

Laters Babies,

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