Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Havelock!!

Happy Havelock everybody! 

Although I am not going to the joyous celebration that is the Havelock Jamboree this year, it does hold a special place in my heart!! I found my true love at the Jamboree, although I didn't know it for another 6 months or so lol! Scotty and I have been back to Jambo together since and we always have a good time :)

Havelock Jamboree 2010 - We got mad sunburns, and mad drunk!

As an ode to this crazy ass weekend that I will be missing :( I decided to wear my Havelock skirt to work today. I got this wrap when we went to Havelock last and honestly don't wear it very often. It totally makes me feel like Kitty of "That 70's Show"?! Right?! So today I embraced the 70s and Havelock and rocked this skirt!!
So for all you country fans headed to Havelock in the next day or so, have a blast, don't get lost or arrested and most importantly have a drink for me!!! :)

P.S. Someone told me I never smile in my blog pics so here is the best I can do, what can I say I'm camera shy?!
Laters Babies,
Emma B xoxo

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