Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the moment

I was a carefree child, but weren’t we all?
I amdreading the snow and the loss of daylight(even if it doesn’t come for months!)
I think all the time! My mind never stops, and yet I forget things constantly!
I wonder where my life is going to take me in the next few years??
I wish I was like Mel Gibson in What Women Want, but I could hear what men are thinking!!
I save all the laundry until Scott and I both run out of undies…is that bad?
I always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little, until about 13 or 14 when I realized I had no artistic ability!
I can’t imagine spending my life anywhere else or with anyone else.
I believe everything happens for a reason!
I promise to go to bootcamp tonight! I haven’t been in a week and Mary and my body are both very mad at me for that!
I love my small town, my simple life and my kitties!

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