Friday, August 24, 2012

Top 8: Blogging Besties`

So today I have decided to introduce a new monthly feature! I cannot promise I will find the time to make a post every month but I will try my bestest!!!!

Here it is, say hello to

Each week I will be trying to post a list of my favourite top 8 of something....why does everyone always use 10?? I decided on good ol' 8! This week I am going to introduce you to 8 of my favourite blogging ladies. We aren't actually besties, but I often feel like I know them now that I have been following them all for close to a year!! I hope you check them out and maybe join my BFF group because I can say that at some point each and every one of these ladies has inspired me with their creativity, touched me with their heartfelt words or made my co-workers question whether I was going crazy when I couldn't stop smiling at my screen!

So here we go!!

Check out her blog here.

Elise is one inspired, creative lady and I have to say she is the first poster I look for every morning. Some of my favourite parts of Elise's blog are:

HER SERIES - Right now she has a 40 pizzas series happening that I am so jealous of. Having a lactose-intolerant Scotty means that I very rarely get to make pizza, but the other day our friends invited us over for a Pizza Showdown and I used her Strawberry Balsamic recipe to whoop some ass! Sorry Tim :) She also has a 26 Materials series in which she is using 26 material to make 26 craft projects before her 27th birthday; a Project Life series where she shares her project life pages(if you are unaware of project life, wait a week or so and you can see my first post about it!); and a Around Here series she posts every Friday to wrap up her week.


HER DESIGN SENSE - Bright, bold and beautiful!


HER DIY PROJECTS - They are plentiful, usually require only a few materials and a few simple instructions. My kind of DIY!


HER RELATIONSHIP - Elise is married to a US Navy Doctor and she is very open about her relationship struggles, trials and successes. It makes her relatable and shows that although she might look perfect on paper(so to speak!) she goes through the same things we all do!

Visit Erin's blog here.
Erin runs a super cute blog that focuses on her 3 adorable kiddies, her yummy hubby and her household adventures. Erin has taught me:

1) It is ok to have a shopping addiction and own more pairs of jeans than you can count! :)

2) If she has time to make 3 separate project life albums, I by god should be able to do 1!!!

3) We should all be thankful for our blessings and everyday that we get to spend with our families. (Erin had a serious health scare after she gave birth to her 3rd child and when she wrote about it in this post I balled my eyes out and went home to hug my man!!)

Check out Erin and her crazy household!!

Check out Shannon's vegas adventures here.
This was the first blog that I decided to follow, the reason I wanted to start my own blog and the path to most of the other blogs that I now enjoy everyday. Shannon recently moved her family of 5 across the country from Oregon to Las Vegas and often posts about her struggles finding a place in her new town. But she also posts about adventures with her 3 kids, invites us in to check out her latest Project Life pages and provides some great relationship advice. I first found her blog when I heard about her Year of Dates(which I gave to Scott for his Bday last year!) and also followed her advice and tried the Photo A Day challenge. Here are a few photos to show you what Shannon is all about :)


Find this cute couple here.
John, Sherry, their daughter Clara and their cute taco dog Burger must be one of the cutest families ever!!!

The couple both work at home full time to keep their 2 blogs running (the second blog is about their life and can be found here) and I have to say I am totally jealous that they can spend each and every day together, although I think Scott and I would kill each other! Sherry & John became blog superstars when they completely renoed their first house from top to bottom and let their followers, well follow the entire thing. They now have a DIY book coming out in the fall and have moved on to their second house. Young House Love is full of simple DIY projects that use thirfted, junked and well anything cheap to make something insanely beautiful.

Like this:
That they turned into this!
And last but not least I am insanely jealous that their new deck is done and mine is NOT!
I will give it to Scott though, theirs seems to be a wee bit smaller than our monstrosity!

Ok so there are my first 4 blogging besties!! And seeing as that took me way too long to compile I am going to post this at the half way point and get the second half to you next week!! Hopefully alongside a post about Project Life, M&J's Wedding Extravaganza and their DIY wedding gift!! 

Hope you all have a super fantastic weekend!!!

Laters Babies,
Emma B xoxo

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  1. I am now going to have to follow all of these. Plus my schedule has kind of calmed down (self-enforced). So we should do our Works date nest week! Tuesday night is the only night I can't.