Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wrap Around

Hello All,

Long time no talk! I just wanted to pop in today and show you a new pinning hairstyle I attempted this morning! However, I also wanted to send a shout out to my most awesome-est friend Alyssa for her totally rad redesign of my blog! I am not 100% done it yet, but don't you think it just looks so much cooler already??!! Thanks Alyssa!

So back to the pin, here it is:

I am going to call this stylin' attempt the Wrap Around!

So here we go:

How super frickin easy was that?! Seriously that is it! 

Side note: Next time I would use one or two bobby pins to keep the elastic headband in place as I find myself adjusting it every half hour or so today.

But other than that, I am loving this easy 5 min hairstyle!!!

Let me know if you try it out! I am thinking next time I might try wrapping some really lose braids, but that might rack up the prep time to like 10 mins!!!! :0

Laters Babies,
Emma B xoxo

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