Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Motivation

Post Number 2! Yes! 

Here`s how I have this worked in my head: each month I am going to be posting 6 goals (in 3 categories) and throughout the month attempting to accomplish them all! But hey we all know what happens in my head is not necessarily reality!! Just look at my diet history! But I figure if I post some goals in blogsphere, someone will hold me accountable! 

So here goes...

DIY Adventures
#1 – Refurbish old double sink.
I have had an old double compartment sink on casters for a few summers now that I have kept meaning to get around to fixing up, but per usual I have yet to get there. My goal this month is to turn this rust bucket into an amazing DIY cooler for the new deck!

#2 – Plan and draw out back deck.
Last summer, we tore down our old deck and replaced it with the Goliath of all back decks. Our time and budget only got us so far last summer though, so Scotty is working diligently to get the stairs finished and the railings up so we can check this hug project off our list. My goal this month is to draw out the deck and plan the fun parts, ie. Patio furniture, perhaps a water feature wall, and some big potted plants!!

#1 – Organize Spare Room.
Living in a house with very little storage space, our only spare bedroom has become a catch all for all the junk we don’t know where to put elsewhere in the house. My goal this month is to clear the clutter, sort the papers and make some room for summer time guests!

#2 – Run twice a week, and try something different once a week.
Sometimes I question where my head is at when I make decisions! It was clearly on vacation when I signed up for a 7K Warrior Dash in July. I now am running out of time to get in shape!! Yikes! This month my goal is to get out for a run twice a week, regardless of whether I make it 5K or 1K, also I would like to try to get my body doing something different once a week. Whether this be a Sunday morning hike, a yoga class, or a roller blade to take in the neighbourood!!! 

#1 – Get Scott Organized
My man is seriously unorganized...seriously! He always has so much on his plate and can never figure out how to get it all done. My goal this month is to alleviate any stress he feels from me (due to nagging him) by making him a list of his To-Do’s and let him decided how and when to get them done.

#2 – Plan 2 Summer Getaways
It is unavoidable, every summer we get swamped with invites to “go here” and “see this”, and we never really get any time to ourselves. My goal for this month is to plan 2 summer getaways for just the 2 of us and mark them on the calendar before it starts to fill up!


Now let’s see how I do, month one...go!


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