Thursday, May 30, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram(@emmabean47) you will recognize my #onmyrun hashtag, I try to use as much as I can when I am out for a run to chronicle fun things I see or feel. While this morning I had a rough run (my legs were killing me for once rather than my lungs) but I decided to pat myself on the back for getting out of bed to give it a go and just finished out my loop at a quick walk. At the slower pace I noticed the lighting was amazing this morning!!! So I am taking a page out of Elise Blaha's book (she does these amazing photowalks! check them out!) and took some cool pics of my amazing, charming, utterly adorable neighbourhood! Hope you like!

Aren't my gardens looking so awesome, my mama would be so proud!

With this gorgeous weather forecasted for the next few days, get out and enjoy your neighbourhood! It really made me remember why I love where I live!

Happy Thursday,

Emma B xoxo

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