Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our CRAZY Little Family

This weekend Scott and I took the boys to see their grandparents in Fenelon Falls! And by boys, yes I mean the cats! They both meow like crazy in their cat carrier, so this time we had just recently acquired a larger carrier we thought could house both cats together and maybe they would keep each other in check....a few cat fights later and they were out roaming the car with a few scratches each! Reuben settled into the position above, once we parked FYI! We did not drive with our cat on our dashboard ;)

After 2 days of demolition (Scott's parents are redoing his late Grandmother's house to move to in a year or so) and lots of visiting with Grampa (who absolutely adores his fur babies!) we headed for home. We didn't even attempt to put them in their cage this time and so they each decided they wanted to sit shotgun and watch Dad drive! Reuben eventually curled up on my lap and fell asleep, cutest thing!

I definitely want babies here soon, but these 2 make me feel like I have a good start on a CRAZY little family! They make us smile everyday and wonder how we could have found 2 of the cutest cats ever in such random circumstances!

Whether you are an animal person or not, I pretty much guarantee you would like these fur babies! Most do ;)


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