Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Warriors

I only went back to work on Thursday as my sickness brought home from Florida kept me on the couch for a few extra days :(, but Friday still couldn't come quick enough!! Friday night we met up with a few friends and attended the first of many wedding events for our friends Matt and Jenn, their Jack and Jill! I went home early to avoid getting worse, but I am assuming the rest of the night went well as Scott didn't crawl into bed until well after 2!!
The next day we had planned to head to Pete's cottage and I got the urge to put some love into baking so I made some mini cupie cakes! Aren't they adorable?! Props to Scottie's mom for the wonderful baking bundle for my Birthday that allowed me to create these masterpieces!

We had a great time at the cottage playing games and eating guilt free junk food! The weather could not have been better, nor the company!

Missing in action: Peter Fair
Another weekend down and back to Monday, but hey life could be worse :)
Emma B
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