Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Kitty :)

Say hello to Reuben!! He is the newest addition to the Featherstone-Richardson clan and he could not be cuter :) I found him at one of my client's properties in Havelock last Thursday and they said he had been living in their shed for close to 3 weeks trying not to get eaten by their dogs!! Bad boy Jack! So of course as soon as I saw the colouring similarity to Clay Bear I just had to bring him home with me and give him a home. Clay and Reuben have become inseparable in just a few days and Clay is really taking on the Big Brother role. He loves Reu but is a little perturbed with us for taking away his only child status!! But he will get over that soon enough!

Anyways, just wanted to introduce you all to my new 3lb baby!!

Hope you all had a great weekend...if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know that I went on a shopping trip with my sista mista on Saturday and spent wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much money! But hey I got cute things :)

Laters baby ;)

Emma B xoxo

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